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GReddy Rocker Arm Stopper For SR20DET

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Greddy Rocker Arm Stoppers for the Nissan SR20DET S13 help prevent valve float. There is power to be made by revving high, but along with upgrading valve springs this is a crucial mod to prevent valve train damage. A must use with aftermarket camshafts, or any SR20DET revving past 7400 RPM. A small price to pay to prevent a bent valve.

Rocker floating at high RPM is one of the main concerns with the SR20DET. When this occurs, the RAS keep the rockers in their place to prevent them from flying out which might lead to severe engine damage.

Please Note: Greddy Rocker Arm Stoppers are specific to the S13 SR20DET. They can be made to fit S14 SR20DET with some modification which we recommend only being done by professionals.