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Ford Racing 9.75in Differential Cover -
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Ford Racing 9.75in Differential Cover

Ford Racing
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Ford Racing 9.75in Differential Cover

If you want more protection for your rear end, Ford Performance has you covered. Their heavy duty cover is made from thick nodular iron with extra ribbing in all the right places to minimize case distortion and bearing cap deflection as well as provide protection from off road hazards. This adds up to preventing chipped gear teeth and lengthening the life of ring & pinion gears. The OE quality hammer finish rugged powdercoat looks great as well. Kit includes new bolts, gasket, and 3/8" drive fill/drain plugs with factory pre-applied sealant. If you tow often, off-road in mud, or do deep water crossings you'll appreciate the ability to drain your gear oil without the mess of removing the entire cover. Another great feature is the raised fill plug which allows for increased fluid capacity on high pinion angles.

Fits all F-150 Raptor with 9.75" differential

Product Benefits:

  • Built with ribbing to protect differential components from off-road hazards
  • Manufactured from high-strength, nodular iron with great looking hammer finish powder coat and Ford Performance logo
  • Includes gasket, hardware and 3/8" drive fill/drain plugs
  • Raised fill plug for increased fluid capacity on high pinion angles
  • Ensures greater housing rigidity for increase ring & pinion gear longevity
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