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Aeromotive Fuel Filter Element 40 Micron ORB-10

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  • Replacement Fuel Filter
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
  • ORB-10 Fuel Filter
  • For All Fuel Types

Aeromotive 40 Micron ORB-10 Fuel Filter Element.

Replace your dated and deteriorating original part with this Aeromotive 40 Micron ORB-10 Fuel Filter Element 12635. The Aeromotive Fuel Filter is designed to replace the worn-out Fuel Filter in your Aeromotive Fuel Filter Body with an ORB-10 Inlet/Outlet. Not only is this replacement fuel filter 12635 compatible with all types of fuel, each filter has a flow capacity of up to 900 GPH (15.00 GPM) with less than 1 PSI pressure drop for superior operation. 

Features and Benefits:
- Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Element
- For all Types of Fuels (Pump Gas, Racing Gas, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Alcohol, Ethanol and Methanol)
- Over 60 Square Inches of Element Surface Area Supports High Flow
- Flow Capacity of up to 900 GPH (15.00 GPM) with less than 1 PSI Pressure Drop
- Replacement for Aeromotive Fuel Filters with a ORB-10 Port
- ORB-10 Fuel Filter
- Made in the USA

To ensure every customer receives and quality product with a potential for extended service, this fuel filter is constructed from stainless steel mesh and had over 60 square inches of element surface area that supports high flow. Pick up this Aeromotive 40 Micron ORB-10 Fuel Filter Element 12635 from CJ Pony Parts today, every purchase comes complete with an O-ring, for your convenience. 

Kit Includes:
- 40-Micron Stainless Steel Mesh Replacement Fuel Filter
- O-Ring (For Fuel Filter Body)