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CSF Universal Dual-Pass Oil Cooler

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CSF's high tech oil cooler with heavy-duty bar and plate design. The efficient core provides more internal contact area for heat transfer and is built with a stronger plate to tolerate more pressure and external loads. It also has built-in CNC machined billet mounting pads that are drilled and tapped for mounting bolts making it easy to mount. The dual pass design improves the cooling efficiency by approximately 20% without adding any extra size/weight.


  • Heavy duty bar/plate core
  • New Aero-flow bar design for low mass, strength and maximum airflow through the core
  • Satin Black finish for protection against corrosion and debris
  • Triangular flush mounting holts on both top & bottom (M8x1.25)
  • Slight 15-degree angle for connections (M22x1.5 female) with tapered, cast end-tanks