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Invidia 02+ WRX/STi 76mm G200 Titanium Tip Cat-back Exhaust -
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Invidia 02+ WRX/STi 76mm G200 Titanium Tip Cat-back Exhaust

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Invidia 02+ WRX/STi 76mm G200 Titanium Tip Cat-back Exhaust

Product Description

Invidia 02+ WRX/STi 76mm G200 Titanium Tip Cat-Back Exhaust - Tip Only

Invidia exhausts are designed to reduce back pressure and turbo lag, increasing throttle response and horsepower. Designed with 304 stainless steel, Invidia kept weight savings in mind without compromising durablility. Installing an Invidia exhaust is a great way to improve horsepower, performance, weight reduction, and exhaust sound.

Exhaust systems are a great way to enhance the sounds of your vehichle while also gaining some extra horsepower.

Replacing the OEM catback on your car is one of the first modifications we recommend to any new car enthusiast. Replacing the OEM catback with an aftermarket exhaust system is a great way to increase horsepower, style, and the sound of your car.

About Invidia

Far more engineering goes in to the design of an exhaust system than many realise. From a performance perspective, there is a fine balance between exhaust back pressure and exhaust gas velocity. Too large a diameter pipe, and low down power and torque is sacrificed (particularly on naturally aspirated cars), too small a diameter or added restrictions and bottlenecks in the system, and the engine is unable to push gasses out of the combustion chamber efficiently, reducing power and torque. There are many other technical aspects such as "scavenging effect" which are beyond the scope of this document, but the point is, it's not as simple as just strap on a drain pipe and gains for days. A "quality" exhaust system maximizes performance gains by design. Invidia High Performance employ a team of engineers and conduct thorough research and development for every single exhaust component they manufacture, ensuring performance to match the customer's needs in every instance, including the use of the highest quality High Flow Catalytic Converters where applicable.

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