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Aeromotive Fuel Pump Wiring Kit Premium Heavy-Duty

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  • 20' Overall Length
  • Made in the USA
  • Handles New Current Draw
  • Capable of up to 30 AMP

Aeromotive Premium Heavy-Duty Fuel Pump Wiring Kit.

If your fuel pump's wiring is insufficient, upgrade to Aeromotive's Premium Heavy-Duty Fuel Pump Wiring Kit 16307 built for optimized performance and current draw on larger, aftermarket pumps. Meet the demands of your engine for years to come with the heavy-duty construction spread across twenty-feet of overall wiring length.

- 30-Amp Capable
- Extensive, 20’ Overall Wiring Length
- Fully Loomed Wiring Harness
- Made in the USA
- Compatible with Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

External Fuel Pumps, unlike factory fuel pumps, require premium wiring to handle the current draw of a powerful aftermarket fuel pump. Achieve the flow at pressure with Aeromotive's Premium Heavy-Duty Fuel Pump Wiring Kit, which includes all the needed wiring to safely run a larger fuel pump, with the ideal amount of pressure for proper combustion! Designed to handle 30 amp, this kit comes fully loomed and is 70 percent terminated, for your convenience. 

- 30 Amp 12 VDC Automotive Relay
- 30 Amp 12 VDC Circuit Breaker
- 20′ Overall Length for Full Size Vehicles
- 10-Gauge Power and Ground Wires
- 16-Gauge Trigger Wire
- Self-Tapping Mounting Screws
- Wire Ties

Vehicle Fitment:
- 1965-2004 Mustang
- 1966-1977 Bronco
- 1960-1987 C10
- 1948-1979 F100