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Aeromotive Universal Bypass Regulator - 3-Port 3/8in NPT

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  • Dynamic Fuel Regulation
  • Regulates 100-250 GPH
  • EFI And Carbureted Application
  • Made in the USA

Aeromotive Bypass Style Fuel Pressure Regulator.

This Aeromotive Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator is designed for EFI and Carbureted Engines. This Fuel Pressure Regulator includes a standard spring and a high pressure spring, allowing you to choose between 3-20 PSI and 20-60 PSI. From there, you can fine tune your fuel pressures to exactly where you need them to be.

Features and Benefits:
- Works on EFI and Carbureted Engines
- Base Pressure Adjustable from 3-20 PSI (Standard Spring)
- Base Pressure Adjustable from 20-60 PSI (High Pressure Spring)
- Red Anodized Lower Body/Black Anodized Upper Body
- Capable of Regulating any Fuel Pump Between 100 and 250 GPH
- Fuel Pressure Rises on a 1:1 Ratio when Referencing Boost
- 3/8” NPT, (1) Inlet and (3) Outlets on the Main Body
- Bypass Design Provides the Ultimate, Dynamic Fuel Pressure Control
- Proudly Made in the USA!

This Fuel Pump will offer the full flow and rock steady fuel pressure that only a dynamic, Aeromotive bypass regulator provides. The Fuel Pressure Regulator is constructed from high quality aluminum that has Red Anodized lower body and a Black Anodized upper body. The Aeromotive Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator is proudly made in the USA!