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AMS Performance Remote Oil Pressure Sending Unit Line Mitsubishi Evolution VII | VIII | IX 01-07

AMS Performance Remote Oil Pressure Sending Line
The AMS Remote Oil Pressure Sending Unit Line allows you to safely mount your aftermarket oil pressure sending unit away from vibration. Traditionally tuners would mount their oil pressure sending units directly to the oil filter housing which provides a quick and easy mounting solution. The down fall is the excessive vibration especially at high RPM's can cause a failed or broken sensor. If the sender breaks, a rapid oil leak can quickly ruin bearings causing engine failure!

Our -3AN stainless steel braided line prolongs oil pressure sending unit life, looks great and is built to last. This line is a MUST when installing an aftermarket oil pressure gauge.

  • Allows for longer sending unit life
  • Eliminates the chance of engine damage from a sending unit breaking off
  • Braided stainless steel for protection against abrasion and corrosion