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CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger w/Rock Guard (Triple Pass) Black BMW B58/B48

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CSF's new high performance B58/B48 front mount heat exchanger drastically reduces water temperatures in the charge cooling cycle, which in turn reduces and stabilizes the intake air temperatures of the engine. This unit includes unique features, such as CSF's exclusive B-Tube technology and ultra-efficient core with multi-louvered fins that provide maximum surface area for heat dissipation. The triple-pass design allows coolant to flow through the heat exchanger three-times allowing colder ambient air to exchange heat multiple times generating the lowest outlet temperature possible. To top it off, CSF includes a removable aluminum rock guard to protect against the elements.


  • Core size: 524mm Length x 478mm Height x 69mm Wide
  • 68mm 2-row core with CSF's B-tube technology (world's largest 2 row core)6.5 mm multi-louvered fin height
  • Triple-pass flow design
  • Included / detachable rock guard
  • OEM CNC Machined mounting location pins and brackets
  • Direct Plug and Play, including CNC machined "Quick-connect" inlet/outlet water fittings
  • No Modifications needed to install.