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Haltech 3 Bar GM MAP Sensor (Incl Plug & Pins) -
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Haltech 3 Bar GM MAP Sensor (Incl Plug & Pins)

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Haltech 3 Bar GM MAP Sensor (Incl Plug & Pins)

Note: Haltech items may only be shipped within the USA

3 Bar GM MAP Sensor by Haltech

A Haltech MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) provides instantaneous pressure information to the electronic control unit (ECU) from the intake manifold – the amount of boost or vacuum in the intake manifold. This is necessary to calculate air density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate or in other words engine load. Engine load is used as a reference for all base fuel and ignition maps.


  • Suitable for turbocharged or supercharged vehicles running between 15psi and 30psi of boost.


  • Capable of reading intake pressures up to 2 bar of positive pressure above atmospheric

Please Note: Do NOT reverse the polarity of active sensors as sensor damage will occur.


  • Universal

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - MAP Sensor
  • Matching plug and 3 pins.


  • This sensor is strictly non-refundable
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